Screencast: Install Google Wave Server

29 07 2009

In this screencast, I show you how to install the reference server implementation of the Google Wave Protocol, which was released by Google recently. To learn more about Google Wave, visit

Install Google Wave Server Video

The audio on the Vimeo version of the video is not as good as the original Video which you can download here:

Note: This is my first attempt at creating a screencast so excuse the mumbling and incomplete sentences. I’ll get better with practice:-)


Wave Protocol Wiki script


Wave Protocol

Google Wave

I recorded the screencast on my Ubuntu laptop, using the same setup as Remi.



14 responses

29 07 2009
Youssef Chaker

Good work Luc. The voice was fine for me on vimeo😀
i can’t wait till Wave becomes publicly available!

29 07 2009
Don Pottinger

Cool and informative vid. Google Wave is going to be very interesting, and I think it will be intriguing to see what innovative uses people will find for it. I can’t wait for the public release myself.

30 07 2009
Navjeet Chabbewal

That was a real good podcast Luc and audio was fine. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to work with Wave also.

10 08 2009
Brad Davis

thanks for the great screencast. Helped me get through the install. have you gotten robots or the embed functionality working?
either way, can’t wait to see what people create with this.

30 08 2009

Hey Luc, sound was great on vimeo, great vid.

1 10 2009

Hey Luc, this is really usefull guide – great work. Tnx a lot for sharing o/

9 10 2009

I really appreciate this guide, essential and precise

10 10 2009
Installing Google Wave Server | Self Hosted

[…] Here is a great screen cast that can help you to install your own Google Wave Server. […]

30 10 2009

Hey Luc,

Thanks for your post. And have you using any Robot or Embed functionality working with your sever just install, pls tell me,

4 11 2009

Great video!

Although when running the cert script i get

bash: ./ Permission Denied

Any ideas?

5 11 2009
Nick Campbell

@John – chmod 755

Luc, nice overview of the setup. Thanks.

17 11 2009
Install Google Wave Federation Prototype Server | (G)uille Carlos

[…] really nice example of how you can play with the client make sure you check out the screen cast at In his screencast Luc does an excellent job of showing us how to get the GWFPS up and running with […]

30 01 2010

Thank you for this… I must say, it was very well done, easy to follow and works! Thank you for taking the time to help other out in a easy to understand way.

Just for Info.. I followed this and installed to a mandriva 2010 box and it is fine.

9 03 2010

Hi Luc Castera,

Thanks for creating such a nice Video Tutorial. Your presentation is very nice.

Once again thanks for your Video !!!

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