A few blog posts I’ve written lately

17 11 2011

I haven’t been blogging much lately here but I’ve been writing on the Intellum Blog. You can read my posts here:

The traveling German carpenters

Building Sproutcore with Garcon

Using Riak session store with express.js

Ronaldo means so much more than soccer for my generation

Lean Startups and Sproutcore


ErlangDC: An Epic One-Day Erlang Conference in Washington, DC

22 09 2011

It’s been pretty quiet here lately, mostly because I’ve been super busy with work and I’ve been travelling a bit. Spent 3 months last winter in Montevideo, Uruguay which I absolutely loved.

Since I got back to Washington DC, I’ve been trying to get the local Erlang group running again. So far it’s been great. We’ve managed to have a meeting a month with some interesting speakers and now we are announcing a one day conference on Erlang at the end of the year.

Rusty, Ram, and I have been working together to organize ErlangDC: an Epic One-Day Erlang Conference in Washington, DC. The event will be held at the AOL Headquarters in Dulles, VA on December 3rd, 2011. We have now opened registration so if you are interested in joining us, please visit the site and sign up.

The conference will consists of a training session in the morning and followed by a single-track conference. We are currently accepting talk proposals.

Life update + a couple of talks I gave recently

18 11 2010

I haven’t blogged for a while but I’m back. Here is a quick update of what I’ve been up to:

  • I’ve joined Intellum last year and we are about to launch the product I’ve been working on: GroupDock. We are currently in private beta. I’m pretty excited about what we’ve built and would love for you to check it out. If you want a beta invite, please post a comment below with a way for me to send it to you (email, twitter) and I’ll send you one.
  • Since I work from home, I’ve also taken the opportunity to travel a bit. This year, I’ve spent 3 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2 weeks in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I’m about to leave for Montevideo, Uruguay in a few weeks. I’ll be in Montevideo for about 3 months. I should be back in the Washington DC area by March/April.
  • With my friend Kevin, I’ve launched a cool website for foodies called TastyTogether.

I gave two talks in the last two weeks and I wanted to post them here also.

I gave the first one at the DC Ruby Users Group. The topic was SproutCore as I’ve been working with this new web framework recently. Below find the video of the talk. The quality is not great. I recorded it with my Flip camcorder but I had placed it next to the projector and it seems to have caused some interference.

However, most of the presentation is me doing some live coding and I had created a screencast where I went through the same tutorial. You can see this one below:

You can also download the whole screencast as a single file from here: Download Full Video Tutorial.

Also, yesterday, I got to talk about GroupDock at a local meetup. The event is called Startup Rockstars and it gives entrepreneurs a venue to showcase what they’ve been working on. The talk was very short (less than 6 minutes) and you can find the video below:

Hope you get to watch the videos and please give me some feedback/comments below.

I’ll try not to let a whole year go by before my next blog post :-)

A message for amputees in Haiti

19 02 2010

About 2 weeks ago, I read an article about the number of Haitian amputees following the earthquake in my motherland of Haiti. At the time, there were talking about more than 50,000 amputees caused by the quake. Today, the numbers cited are more than 100,000 amputees.

As devastated as I was after reading about this, I remembered seeing the videos of Josh Sundquist, an inspirational/motivational speaker, book author, and overall great guy who goes around the country giving speeches of hope. At the time, I thought his message was very inspiring and powerful and I had emailed it to my family for them to watch also.

Josh and I share a common friend: Stephen Douglass. So it was about midnight when I sent Stephen an email asking him for Josh’s contact information because I think the Haitian amputees need to hear his message of hope and resilience. I wake up the next day at 7:30am and already have an email from Josh saying he thinks it’s a great idea and wants to help. From then on, he basically made everything happen, incurred all the video production costs, so that we can share his message of hope in Haiti and also raise funds to help those in need.

For more information on how we plan to distribute this video in Haiti and how you can help Josh help Haiti, please read the announcement on his blog: a message for amputees In Haiti

So without further ado, here is Josh’s message for the Haitian amputees.

DCRUG: Enumerators & MongoDB [Videos]

12 12 2009

On Thursday evening, the DC Ruby User Group held its December meetup. There were three speakers scheduled to talk:

There is an effort started by Ross Karchner to try to record as many DC Tech Events as possible so I’m going to start bringing my Flip Mino camera to events I attend. I had it with me yesterday and recorded the first two talks before I ran out of battery.

So here is the fist talk by Doug:

And the second talk by Kyle:

Unfortunately, I ran out of battery before Camille talk so I could not record that one. But if you are interested in her topic, you can pick up the following two books which she recommended:

Arlington/DC Erlang September Meetup: Kevin Smith on webmachine

6 08 2009

On September, Kevin Smith of Hypothetical Labs will be speaking about webmachine: an erlang REST toolkit which makes it easy to develop HTTP interfaces using Erlang.


Kevin is the author of the Pragmatic Programmers ‘Erlang in Practice’ screencasts series (one of the best resource to learn Erlang) and doesn’t reside in Washington DC so don’t miss this chance to come see him talk.

If you plan on coming, please RSVP at meetup.com.

Screencast: Install Google Wave Server

29 07 2009

In this screencast, I show you how to install the reference server implementation of the Google Wave Protocol, which was released by Google recently. To learn more about Google Wave, visit wave.google.com.

Install Google Wave Server Video

The audio on the Vimeo version of the video is not as good as the original Video which you can download here:

Note: This is my first attempt at creating a screencast so excuse the mumbling and incomplete sentences. I’ll get better with practice :-)


Wave Protocol Wiki

make-cert.sh script


Wave Protocol

Google Wave

I recorded the screencast on my Ubuntu laptop, using the same setup as Remi.


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